Our products

Inflatable tents

Our range of inflatable tents consists of a diverse range. High over we have 3 types of tents. The inflatable tent, the semi-inflatable tent and the decontamination (shower) tent. The inflatable tents are completely inflatable. The semi-inflatable tents are partly provided with a hard frame and are also partly inflated. Both types of tents can also be used as an emergency response tent. We also have the special tents for decontamination purposes. In short; a diverse range of inflatable emergency tents.

Decontamination systems

We have everything in-house in the field of decontamination to provide you with all decontamination materials. Think of showers for disinfection or fully equipped disinfection stations consisting of inflatable tents with all accessories. On request we can supply all materials for the assistance to victims who are contaminated with a chemical, biological or radioactive substance that must be decontaminated.

Special Surface water rescue products

In this overview you will find our hypothermia products to prevent hypothermia of people. Our Hypothermia bag is a common rescue aid for the fire brigade and rescue brigades. Besides the hypothermia products you’ll find Surface water rescue products.

Efficient flood defense

Our water barrier is a mobile self-anchoring barrier. The water barrier creates a dam for water up to a height of 50 cm. The water baffle is so light that it can be quickly set up to protect buildings and other property from water damage and also keep roads open. This barrier is designed for use on a level surface, such as a cobbled street, concrete floor or lawn.

Rescue net

Smart rescue net

Corpse – Salvage net for Fire Brigade Diving teams to remove remains and / or material from the water, by a minimum of 2 people. Hoisting is also possible.
The corpse salvage net is equipped with a floating and a sinking beam, so that the net floats vertically in the water and is wrapped around the body with the supplied ropes and can be hoisted to the side. Many fire brigades have been using them to their full satisfaction for years.