Decontamination systems

Inflatable Decontamination Tent

Decontamination solutions

As CTA Safety & Rescue Products, we have a very complete program ready for you for Decontamination purposes. Whether it concerns Personal Decontamination, Group or Mass Decontamination; we have the solution for you.

Complete program for decontamination purposes

With a complete Decontamination program you can think of (inflatable) decontamination tents, decontamination street, water management systems, hotbox solutions, water drainage, etc. But you are not there with just a deco tent. We are therefore happy to think along with you to come to a complete decontamination program.

Various organizations rely on the knowledge of CTA Safety & Rescue Products

Various organizations use the knowledge of CTA Safety & Rescue Products. Many safety regions in the Netherlands, fire brigades in the Netherlands and Belgium, hospitals and other government institutions use our products.

Inflatable decontamination tents

Inflatable decontamination tents are a must have for professional safety organisations. Ask for our brochure to see our complete offer of different inflatable decontamination tents.

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Request our brochure without obligation with information about the Decontamination solutions.

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That’s why CTA Safety & Rescue Products

Safety regions, Fire Departments, Military, Hospitals and other government agencies appreciate us for:

  • Ready to use Decontamination solutions.
  • Smart thinking. Fire brigades, for example, use less material through smart combinations of solutions.
  • Flexible setup.
  • High-quality material.