Efficient flood defense / Water barrier

Efficient flood defense

Our flood defense is a mobile self-anchoring flood defense. The flood defense forms a dam for water up to a height of 50 cm. The water baffle is so light that it can be quickly set up to protect buildings and other property from water damage as well as keep roads open. This barrier is designed for use on a level surface, such as a paved street, concrete floor or lawn.

Very flexible water barrier against high water

Our mobile flood defense is available in enormous lengths. This allows you to protect entire roads against flooding. Also think of inner cities, residential areas, lawns, parks, company sites, etc. Our water barrier helps you to prevent water damage. Because not all roads are straight and there are various obstacles to avoid, the water barrier can be guided around this. You can continue the path of the flood defense by means of other forms of water barriers. Good closures against walls are also possible. In addition to obstacles, level differences can also be solved with smart adapters. In short; the water barrier is an ideal way to quickly and efficiently ward off flooding.

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