Inflatable rescue and emergency tents

Inflatable rescue and emergency tents

Inflatable rescue and emergency tents

The (custom) Inflatable rescue and emergency tents from CTA Safety & Rescue products are tents for the real professional. We only select top brands such as Lanco, Rofi and others in the top segment. That guarantees a top quality inflatable tent.

Complete program for an inflatable emergency tent

Our complete range of (inflatable) tents roughly consists of the following subgroups:

  1. Tents for rapid implementation
  2. Low pressure inflatable tents
  3. High pressure inflatable tents
  4. Tents with aluminum frame
  5. Collective protection systems
  6. Inflatable decontamination tents

Our custom inflatable tents are used for many purposes:

  • inflatable emergency tent
  • inflatable rescue tent
  • inflatable decontamination tent
  • decontamination tent
  • rescue tents
  • decon tent
  • inflatable emergency shelter
  • hazmat tent
  • inflatable medical tent

Custom Inflatable rescue and emergency tents

We can vary endlessly with our inflatable tents. Literally all aspects of the inflatable tent can be adjusted. Think of the color. We can supply the tents in many colors. For example, we use a set of standard colors, but our own RAL colors are also possible. In addition to the color, it is also possible to place, for example, extra windows, larger doors, partitions, door locks, etc. in the inflatable tent. For example, we can also link several tents together.

Example of the standard colors in which our tents can be delivered:

colors inflatable tents